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Was Russia’s Makeshift ‘Turtle Tank’ Destroyed in Ukraine?

What is hiding beneath the protective shell of Russia’s so-called “turtle tank?” Perhaps only scrap metal, if Ukraine has destroyed it along with other armor at war in Crimea. Russian forces have modified one of their main battle tanks with some less than cutting-edge protection by covering it with a …

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Israeli Ground Forces Intercept Iranian Drones, Missiles

by RFE/RL Barrages of drones and missiles launched by Iran in an unprecedented, large-scale attack on Israel began entering Israeli airspace, triggering air-raid sirens across the country as its air defenses appeared to destroy the incoming projectiles before any impacts on the ground. Loud explosions and flashes of light could …

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War in the Tunnels: When Combat Goes Underground

by Susan Katz Keating As the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel have brought urban combat into the forefront, U.S. defense officials are addressing what the complex realm of subterranean warfare will mean for American troops in future scenarios. “Our adversaries have adapted their capabilities against our weaknesses by expanding their …

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Fighting in the Trenches – Here’s How British Troops Train For a Modern Version of Old Warfare

Trench fortifications, reminiscent of World War One, have become an integral part of the war in Ukraine. Both sides have dug vast networks of fortifications, signaling to Western forces that the old style warfare is very much in play. In the United Kingdom, British forces have dug a series of …

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Irish Rebels Fought the 1916 Easter Rising With Smuggled Mauser Rifles

In Dublin, Ireland, on Easter Monday, 1916, nationalists proclaimed the founding of the Irish Republic. Bolstered by some 1,600 followers, they staged a rebellion against the British government in Ireland. They didn’t have planes nor tanks, and only limited use of artillery. Instead, the rebels made a stand using personal …

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These Sky Soldiers Had to Fight Their Way Out of a Bog Before the Mud Ate Them Alive in Iraq

by John Spencer Editor’s note: This is an excerpt of the book “Connected Soldiers: Life, Leadership, and Social Connection in Modern War” published by Potomac Books and available for purchase at Amazon here. The excerpt describes 2LT John Spencer’s experience jumping into Iraq as a platoon leader with the 173rd …

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‘We Are Fire’: Inside Atesh, the Resistance Movement That Stalks Russian Targets

“We know we are risking our lives,” one partisan said. “But the mission is worth the risk.” by Susan Katz Keating As Vladimir Putin is set to remain in charge at the Kremlin for another six years, a secretive resistance group is trolling Moscow and showing partisans where to destroy …

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The Bloody Shores of Iwo Jima: A Veteran Tells His Story

Donald Raasch is one of the few men alive who fought in the fiercest battle in Marine Corps history. by Lance Cpl. David Brandes and Lance Cpl. Ethan Miller MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. – The corporal dragged his body up the obsidian sheet of sand speckled with other water-logged Marines. He clambered …

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The Deadly Battle of Takur Ghar in Afghanistan

The fight became a cauldron that forged both heroism and tragedy, and produced the first-ever video recording of actions that resulted in the posthumous Medal of Honor for one participant, Air Force Special Tactics Combat Controller John Chapman. In March 2002 a joint military operation was mounted to surround and …

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