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This Cold War British Bomber Nearly Plowed Into a Busy Road

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Now, that’s a hot Vulcan. A Cold War-era British Vulcan bomber overshot a runway during a high speed taxi run, and stopped just short of a busy road, causing no injuries but plenty of havoc.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon at Wellesbourne Airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon in the United Kingdom.

At the time, the 58-year-old Avro Vulcan, flown by the Royal Air Force during the Cold War, was taking part in a ‘high speed taxi’ exercise.

Mike Pollitt, a former RAF pilot who was at the controls, explained how he had to take evasive action to ensure the aircraft did not hit the busy road. 

“Unfortunately, one of the instruments failed, which was critical to the run, and while being distracted by that, I’ve gone off the runway,” Pollitt said.

“You’re always conscious of the traffic on that road, and the buses that come down.” 

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Mr. Pollitt, who is now the Chairman of the preservation society responsible for the aircraft, added: “The airfield has informed the Accident Investigation Branch, so if they are going to take an interest, I can’t say much more. 

“The good news is that nobody is injured. No one inside the aircraft or outside, and the aircraft looks as though she’s undamaged.”

The Vulcan, tail numbered XM655, is one of the few remaining examples still permitted to complete ‘high-speed taxi’ runs and is maintained by the XM655 Preservation Society at Wellesbourne. 

With reporting by Forces News.

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