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SAS we Dared Win by Hannes Wessels Hannes Wessels’ latest book ‘We Dared to Win’ is a book no serious student of war in Africa should be without. It chronicles the final years of a very special clandestine military unit, and a haemorrhaging and dying country. Africa Unauthorised Thank you guys. Orders can be placed on our website:

Opinion: From the Author of SAS, We Dared Win: America, Deja Vu Africa

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The End of Donald Trump


Handful of Hard Men By Hannes Wessels

by Hannes Wessels 

Most people I know are thrilled the Trump era is over. And watching his performance in his final days they may be right; but with him gone and Democrats about to take control of the White House and both houses of congress, I lament the lost opportunities and from a place far away from America, I fear for the future.

Trump came to power with what I thought was a laudable agenda based on sound principles. Importantly, he expressed his pride in the underlying goodness of traditional American values and core beliefs based on Christian fundamentals. This infuriated the progressive elites of the metropolitan East and West coasts and the ‘establishment’ which the president liked to refer to as ‘the Swamp’.  He seemed to understand the plight of the American working class and moved to cut taxes. He wanted to secure his country’s borders, cut better trade deals for America, confront China’s expanding global aggression, pressure the presumptuous Europeans to spend more on their own defence and extricate US troops from costly, unwinnable wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. He rightly pointed out that America was indulgent to its enemies and started to withhold aid to countries he considered hostile. Closer to home, he criticised African governments and was rude about the state of some countries, though anyone familiar with contemporary Africa will struggle to disagree with his opinions. Through Mike Pompeo, his secretary of state, he did what no Western politician would dare to do and expressed concern about the safety of South African farmers. Though many of his goals have been frustrated, to a large extent as a consequence of relentless harassment, he achieved much that is positive during his term of office.  Unfortunately, there is more to do and that opportunity is denied him. The new administration will move quickly to undo what was done and reverse course.

Against this backdrop, as a white African who has long believed that what is loosely known as ‘Western Civilisation’, with roots going back to the great Greek philosophers, bolstered by a Christian bedrock, has been, on balance, a force for good in the world, spawning and growing some of the most successful polities in history, bringing health and happiness to millions, maybe billions of people. While most disagree, I also believe that this same ‘Western Civilisation’, that was introduced to Africa during the now reviled colonial era, brought countless benefits that accrued from the introduction of the rule of law, health and education services and competent governance. However, under the guise of ‘African Nationalism’, most of those systems and structures have been destroyed and replaced by home-grown autocracies which have in most cases, governed badly, bringing poverty and misery to the majority. Unlike most Europeans and Americans, I have borne sad witness to what actually happens when this process unfolds, and I fear we in Africa were only the first dominos to fall as Western leaders turn their backs on their old beliefs and their past.

For Christians everywhere looking for spiritual guidance they are certain to be disappointed. The current Pope would have been better placed as a populist politician.  A committed socialist, he seems to care more about the ‘woke’ issues of the day like combatting capitalism, Islamophobia and global warming than protecting persecuted believers and ministering to his congregation. The Anglican Church, led by a long line of feckless liberals, estranged from traditional British values, have alienated most of their following and weakened the old faith-based bonds that made Britons proud and the country a role-model for the world. Today in Britain, much of the leadership at local and national level is in the hands of people who hail from countries and cultures that are not well known for tolerance of dissent or good governance.

At the political level, Western Europe provides no leadership that talks confidently about the role the Christian ethos played in their path to being rich and influential. In Germany, little or no mention of Martin Luther, the power of Protestantism and the part played by the people and ideas that once empowered the nation. Everywhere, in the developed democracies, religious and political leaders are found on their knees pledging respect and affection for all but their own faith, even ones that openly demand the death and destruction of those very people who have delivered on the Christian commitment to inclusivity and freedom of worship.

In schools and universities around the world pupils and students are being taught that their European-Christian heritage is synonymous with slavery, colonialism and capitalist inspired plunder and that they must accept guilt for the alleged crimes of their ancestors because they are undeserving beneficiaries of their malfeasance. This message has hit home hard and generations to come are convinced that they must spend much of the rest of their lives suffering justifiable punishment for their bloodline, their faith, and their inheritances. Part of the penance they must pay will include acceptance of the end of meritocracy; in their lives ahead they will have to embrace the fact that no matter how hard they work or perform, they will likely be denied opportunities in education and their chosen careers, simply because of the colour of their skin.

With the election of Joe Biden, this sad course of events is set to accelerate, not least because his Vice President, Kamala Harris, a racist who hails from the radical left, is likely to assume the presidential reigns sooner rather than later. Their policy programme looks set to strengthen and consolidate the liberal tyranny that seeks to destroy western democracy as we know it.

Uncontrolled immigration into the US will speed up the process of marginalising and diluting the soon to be white minority. An abrupt move to socialism will increase the burden placed upon the predominantly white, working and middle-class while the number of people wholly dependent on the State for their survival ratchets up. The new administration is likely to be largely bereft of conservative whites who hold dear their country’s history and traditional mores and culture.

In a way this follows the same path we went down in southern Africa and I fear there is little doubt where it leads to. America is on a path to self-destruction and that is not good for many of us in this topsy-turvy world. But for the Chinese and all those who seek the final erasure of all semblances of Western civilisation, it is a bonanza.

Celebrating the Demise Of Donald Trump.

9 November Posted by Hannes Wessels

I know the overwhelming majority of my fellow South Africans are jubilant at the prospect of a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris presidency and I know this sentiment is shared by the majority of people around the world. As the only Western leader to express any interest at all in the plight of this country’s commercial farmers and their workers, I am not sure why most whites here are so opposed to him, but they are. Unfortunately, I do not feel the same sense of elation; maybe they know something that passes me by, and I dearly hope that is the case, but I see it all very differently. I, in my Afrocentric way, see his eclipse as part of a process that came into play after WW II.

Trump, behind the big ego, and the brash, abrasive style of delivery, believes strongly in traditional American values which he credits with having made his country ‘great’. The values he refers to are, broadly speaking, the same as the ones that formed the bedrock of what is loosely referred to as Western Civilisation underpinned by Christian fundamentals.

When Africa was colonised, those dispatched to the ‘Dark Continent’ were similarly imbued with these same sentiments regarding the task that lay before them in ’civilising’ what they saw as an ‘uncivilised’ territory. Most of the new colonisers looked to Christian missionaries who constituted the vanguard of European settlement in Africa, to provide the lead in the arduous process they set about tackling. If one gauges the colonial period in terms of population growth and a reduction in violence then it must be declared a success but people possessed of the same mentality as those who today celebrate the Trump demise, saw it differently. They were strongly of the view that the tenets that buttressed this so called ‘Christian Civilisation’ had no place in Africa, were brutally imposed, and the newly applied systems of governance were a racially motivated abomination that should be ended immediately. They prevailed and the decolonisation process commenced in the Gold Coast (renamed Ghana) in 1957. The world cheered.

With that signal event the race was on to abandon Africa, apologise for the rude intrusion, and head home to Europe. When the Portuguese, the last European colonial power relinquished their possessions in 1975 the world cheered. When Robert Mugabe took power in 1980 the world cheered. When Nelson Mandela ended white rule in South Africa in 1994 the world cheered.

I now look at sub-Saharan Africa and see hunger stalks many lands, lawlessness and violence is endemic, and the vast majority of Africans live in grinding poverty while a tiny politically connected kleptocratic clique has amassed obscene amounts of wealth.  So I feel justified in asking what all the cheering was about.

Regrettably, the Europe the colonisers returned to, engulfed in a wave of ‘white guilt’, was also ditching its traditional values and beliefs and creating more ‘inclusive’ societies which welcomed alien religions, cultures and systems of governance in a frantic bid to appease the myriad critics who identified so called ‘white supremacy’ as the crime of the century. The erstwhile imperialists looked to salve their consciences in an exercise of socio-political self-flagellation, by asking to be colonised themselves and then generously facilitating the process. In this they appear to have been successful and thanks to rapid population growth among the immigrant community, the Western European powers along with the UK are dismantling the systems that brought them global influence and prosperity and appear on course to self-destruction. The same people that cheered decolonisation in Africa are celebrating this process while exhorting the political leadership to expedite it faster.

One of Barack Obama’s first actions on entering the Oval Office was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill to make clear his disdain for one that country’s great prime ministers and Britain’s imperial legacy. His administration shared the same approach as their European allies and applied many of the same policies in an effort to make the United States more ethnically diverse through opening borders and encouraging the flow of illegal immigrants. Obama, a Muslim, treated traditional American values with contempt.

Against this backdrop Trump came to power and set about trying to reverse the destructive trend by sealing the borders and championing traditional American mores and values; he declared himself an unabashed American patriot and expressed pride in his country and what it had achieved; he promptly became the most pilloried and persecuted president in the history of the United States. His detractors appear to have won the day. Millions of his compatriots and millions more around the world are celebrating his demise.

Out of office the road ahead for President Trump is a rocky one. His persecutors are far from finished with him and will punish him for his impertinence. Thanks to a blatantly biased justice system that acts selectively, putting some like the Clintons beyond the reach of the law, Trump has incurred its wrath and he will face a criminal trial. In a country where aggressive prosecutors invariably win there is every likelihood of a conviction of some sort and a prison sentence.

He may go down in history as the last Western leader who stood fast for Christian values and traditions and like the quiet man from Nazareth, he will pay dearly for it.

SAS we Dared Win by Hannes Wessels Hannes Wessels’ latest book ‘We Dared to Win’ is a book no serious student of war in Africa should be without. It chronicles the final years of a very special clandestine military unit, and a haemorrhaging and dying country. Africa Unauthorised Thank you guys. Orders can be placed on our website:

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