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Su-35S newest fighters of the Eastern MD aviation regiment conducted flight mission in the Arctic zone. Russia MOD

SU-35 a “genuinely dangerous war machine“

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The Su-35, while not a stealth fighter, is an evolution of the Su-27 Flanker. The Su-35, according to National Interest is a genuinely dangerous war machine, and in many metrics, it matches or even exceeds the capabilities of the latest upgrades for the F-15. In terms of pure kinematic performance, the Su-35 is slightly slower than the F-15C in terms of max speed but it can out accelerate the Eagle with its powerful twin Saturn Izdeliye 117S engines, which put out 31,900lbs of thrust each. Further, when the jet is relatively lightly loaded, it can maintain supersonic speeds without the use of its afterburners.


“Distinguished by its unrivaled maneuverability, most of the Su-35’s electronics and weapons capabilities have caught up with those of Western equivalents, like the F-15 Eagle. But while it may be a deadly adversary to F-15s, Eurofighters and Rafales, the big question mark remains how effectively it can contend with fifth-generation stealth fighters such as the F-22 and F-35,”

National Interest reports with multiple research project results, worth the read for warfighter comparisons.

In course of an active stage of the flight tactic exercise held at the Telemba range, pilots of Su-35 fighters eliminated cruise missiles of the simulated enemy.
Moreover, units of the Air Force and Air Defence army of the Eastern MD conducted firing against cruise missiles launched from a Tu-95MS strategic bomber.
In total, piloting staff carried out more than 50 sorties.  Russia MOD
2017 5th generation T-50 fighter.

“Works on the T-50 are going according to the schedule, the plane has already confirmed a number of flight-and-tactical characteristics, which are presented by the Ministry of Defence to this promising product. At the end of 2017, we are expecting the start of flight tests of the T-50 with new engines,” summed up Yury Borisov.
Lockheed Martin F-35
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While Iran, Egypt and other Russian Customers have purchased the SU-35, the U.S. has sold the F-35 worldwide.

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