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Russian Soldiers Told to Use Menstrual Products On War Wounds

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Russian recruits are being told to use women’s menstrual products to treat bullet wounds amid claims that they are being asked to provide much of their own gear and equipment.

A clip released on social media seemingly shows Russian recruits being told to buy most of their own gear, with the trainer telling them that the uniform is all that is provided by the military. At their own cost, they must buy menstrual products to deal with bullet wounds.

“Don’t laugh,” a female soldier tells new recruits, instructing the men to “get your girlfriends and wives to get sanitary products.” The pads and tampons can be used to treat wounds, the woman says.

“You all know what the tampons are for?” she asks. “You shove it right into the bullet wound, and the tampon expands and applies pressure to the wound.”

Over the decades these products have been used extensively on the battlefield. They are sterile and are designed to absorb blood. However, treating battlefield wounds has progressed far beyond where the Russians appear to be. 

It is impossible to verify if this footage is genuine, but if it is, it showcases a Russian army desperately short of the basics – including battlefield medical supplies. 

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